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Roof Products

Roof Products

Sikalastic Liquid Applied Roofing


Liquid Applied Roofing Membranes/Fluid Applied Roofing Membranes are monolithic, fully-bonded, fluid-based coatings that have the capability of being fully or locally reinforced in transitional areas on a roof. These liquid applied membranes, also known as fluid-applied membranes, can be applied over various substrates such as concrete, brick, wood, mod-bit, TPO, PVC, EPDM and many other surfaces. When these coatings cure, they form a rubber-like, elastomeric, seamless waterproofing membrane with no cracks, gaps or voids to allow the ingress of water. The superior conformability and customization of liquids allow for easy application of roofing systems to complicated details and penetrations with little to no waster. Check out what Liquid Applied Roofing membrane solution Sika has to offer for your next commercial or residential roofing project!

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Major Industries Skylight Systems

Natural light transforms interior spaces, improves people’s mood and helps create a warm and welcoming environment. But while adding daylight to a space may seem simple, once you travel 30 to 40 feet inside the perimeter of a building, natural light from traditional windows and curtainwall, even with the assistance of light shelves, has a difficult time providing sufficient illumination. As a result, areas close to the exterior of the building are well lit while interior spaces are left dark and reliant on energy-hungry artificial lighting. That’s where skylights can help you bring natural light to otherwise unreachable interior spaces.

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Babcock-Davis Roof Hatches

Babcock-Davis Roof Hatches provide safe and convenient access to commercial building roof areas using interior ladders and stairs. For ultimate corrosion resistance and outstanding exterior durability, Babcock-Davis provides powder coat finish. Babcock-Davis’ complete line of Roof Hatch and Safety products meet building codes, fire and life safety requirements. We build our services around your specified needs.

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Babcock-Davis Smoke Vents

Babcock-Davis offers a complete line of smoke vents designed to meet all fire and life safety building codes. Roof top smoke vents automatically open to release heat, smoke, and noxious fumes in the event of a fire emergency, as required by International Building Code. (IBC 910 Heat & Smoke Vents, IBC 410 Stages & Platforms, IBC 3004 Hoistway Vents). Contact our expert sales department for guidance in selecting smoke vents on your next project.

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Tarco Underlayments

Tarco is one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of residential roofing products and commercial roofing products in North America. A major producer of underlayments since 1978, Tarco offers traditional roll roofing as well as premium LeakBarrier® underlayments and other roofing materials. You can depend on Tarco for superior value, exceptional customer service and convenient on-time delivery.

Tarco offers traditional roll roofing as well as premium LeakBarrier® underlayments and other roofing materials such as Ice & Water Armor, Asphalt Saturated Organic Felts, EasyStick Plus self-adhering cap sheet, EasyTorch APP membranes and ValleyFlash. Whether your primary roof will be shingle, tile, metal or membrane, Tarco makes a product that has been specially engineered and optimized for easy installation and superior performance.

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IPS Roofing Products Roof Vents and Accessories

IPS Roofing Products, a division of IPS Corporation, is an industry leader in residential and commercial roofing products. Beginning with vent pipe flashings, IPS Roofing Products has sustained a superior reputation among roofing distributors and contractors for high quality product, committed service and industry expertise.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facility located in Collierville, TN promotes a broad offering of products. All products are tested to exceed strict code requirements and to assure quality, durability and safety.

This is why professional roofers choose IPS.

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Rmax Nailable Base-3 Insulation for Above the Deck

Nailable Base-3, an all-in-one roof insulation and nailing surface, has a 7/16” thick OSB nailing panel bonded to a polyiso foam board with glass fiber/organic mat facers. It is designed for use with concrete, slate or clay roofing tiles, as well as wood shakes, asphalt shingles and metal panel roofing systems.

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Unity Surfacing Systems Architectural Pavers

Our goal is to turn every empty rooftops into usable spaces, and yes, we have approval letters from almost every roofing membrane manufacturer approving our products over there system.

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Armatherm Thermal Break Material

Parapet Roof Penetration Thermal Bridging Solution

The roof is part of the building envelope where penetrations such as davits, anchors and supports for dunnage extend through the thermal envelope and roof insulation creating non-continuous insulation. These interface details are typically connected to interior trusses or structural elements creating a thermal bridge and point transmittance (heat flow). The R value of the roof can be reduced by up to 40% in these areas.

Parapet Roof Penetration Thermal Break

A structural thermal break at these locations will improve the U value of the roof assembly and prevent potential condensation problems at the structural connection. Armatherm™ FRR and 500 series thermal break materials can transfer the loading conditions at these locations while significantly reducing heat flow, creating continuous insulation. The heat loss can be improved by as much as 80%.

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