Portfolio Category: Specialty Products

Unity Surfacing Systems

Our architectural and ballast pavers are made from 100% recycled tires and rubber, a requirement by many architects, designers, engineers, municipalities, building owners and property managers who are looking to “go green” by helping earn SS credits and achieve LEED points.

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DeckRite Innovative Decking Solutions

DeckRite is a three ply laminated membrane consisting of a heavy-duty polyester fabric encapsulated between two vinyl films. Finish thickness of the membrane is 50 mils and 60 mils.   The top layer of film is color printed and then embossed during the manufacturing process. DeckRite is especially formulated to withstand exposure to sun, water,…
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IPS Roof Vents

IPS Ventilation is the most innovative and efficient ventilation line in the industry. With a full line of intake, ridge, and off-ridge ventilation products, IPS Ventilation has a solution available for any attic ventilation situation. IPS Roofing Products, a division of IPS Corporation, is an industry leader in residential and commercial roofing products. Beginning with…
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