R-Guard Air & Water Barriers

In our endless quest to make buildings look better and last longer with specialty construction chemicals, we believe we've figured out the right chemistry.

Eighty years of success in the construction industry doesn't happen randomly — it's been made possible through a fine-tuned combination of industry-leading chemistry, and the right people to partner with you. We do whatever we can to solve our customers' problems in a constantly evolving business.

When you've been in this business for 80 years, you've got some great stories to tell. And many of you have been right there with us. We are excited to share an interactive timeline of some of our favorite milestones and stories that have made up PROSOCO's 80 years.

Prosoco Cat 5On the Wall -- Coatings to protect the entire field of the wall

Rough Openings & Penetrations -- Ensure every transition and detail is properly sealed

Accessories -- For all other wall components that need protection

Support -- Product and field support

Resources -- Installation guides, systems specs, and architectural support

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