John Wagner Sr. worked for my company, Bradco Supply Inc., since 1980 starting as a Regional Manager, and rising to Commercial Sales Manager and District Manager. His exceptional skills moved him up within the ranks of the company, and he was an important asset to Bradco and its growth. I have been saying for years: Bradco’s people are the best and getting better, and I truly stand by that statement.

Barry Segal, Executive at Segal Family Foundation; Focus For Health Foundation; B&D Holdings

John is an industry veteran with over 30 years' experience. He has held various leadership roles on the distribution side as well as the manufacturing side of the business, before starting his own Independent Rep organization. John is knowledgeable and extremely well regarded by his peers, and all those who he comes in contact with. He is a "get it done" type of guy. You will find that John does not shy away from the difficult task or project. He digs in and finds a way to make it work. I’ve found that his success is directly related to his genuine nature, honesty, and integrity. He is the measuring stick that we all strive for. I enthusiastically endorse John and would encourage others to find out how John can help you grow your business.

Gene Maguire, District Manager, ABC Supply Co Inc.

I have known John for over 25 years working many of them together at Bradco. John was very involved in Bradco’s successes over the years heading up the Northeast Division. He is certainly a person of high morals and ethics, and somebody that you could always count on.

I handled credit for Bradco and always found John to be very cooperative when it came to evaluating risk and making good business decisions for the company. John and I found time to play tennis for a number of years and I must say he was humble in victory which for him was most of the time. Anybody doing business with John can rest assured they will be treated fairly and professionally.

Bernie Regnier, Senior Director of Credit, Beacon Roofing Supply