Vented Nailable Base-3

Rmax Vented Nailable Base-3 is an energy-efficient thermal insulation board composed of an environmentally sound closed-cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam insulation with furring strips and an OSB nailing surface. The insulation portion of this product is Rmax’s rigid closed-cell polyiso foam with glass fiber/organic mat facers on both sides. The standard nailing surface of Vented Nailable Base-3 is 7/16” OSB (APA rated). However, alternate nailing surfaces, such as 5/8” OSB or CDX plywood, are available upon request. Nailing surfaces that include a radiant barrier are also an acceptable alternative, upon request. The venting pattern includes five (5) solid 1” thick wood furring strips. A different thickness of vented air space can be provided. Vented Nailable Base-3 is applied to the roof structure in order to provide a layer of thermal insulation and a suitable substrate for the application of a variety of shingles available in today’s market. A wide variety of insulation thicknesses, manufactured on a made to order basis, are available from Rmax to more closely match insulation values to project requirements.

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