Starlight Skylights – Residential

Vented and Fixed Skylights

  • Quick and Easy Installation - Starlight Skylights are installed literally in a fraction of the time it takes to install competitors’ skylights. The Starlight Skylight is fully assembled at the factory. No assembly on the roof saves installer time and money.
  • Leak Proof - Unique Double Flashing System combined with TIG welded construction absolutely guarantees no air infiltration or water leaks. Pitch of 3/12 - 8/12.
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes - Starlight Skylights are available in fourteen standard sizes or in custom sizes and shapes by special order.
  • Clean, Smooth Appearance - Welded construction of Starlight Skylights provides a superior clean, smooth appearance compared with the screwed and riveted construction of rival skylights.
  • Reduced Energy Costs - Starlight Skylights are insulated with SuperSpacer which dramatically improves the glazing’s edge performance, reducing condensation and energy costs. They feature a variety of energy efficient, tempered glazings - Low E, Grey, Bronze, and Solex in addition to clear glass, saving on utility bills.
  • Flat Roof Models - Flat roof applications are available from Starlight Skylights.
  • Special Skylight Applications Made to Order - Variety of Glazings
    All Starlight Skylights and Curb Mounts use energy efficient tempered insulated clear glass. Your choice of Low-E, Grey, Bronze, or Solex tints are avail-able to save on utility bills.

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