Starlight Skylights – Commercial

At Starlight Skylights, our customers come back to us again and again. Why? According to the “regulars,” here’s why we shine:

  • completely customized product line with top quality design and manufacturing
  • outstanding product reliability underscored by friendly, efficient customer service
  • convenient location for fast and efficient contact and delivery

As with all Starlight products, customers can be assured of quick and easy installation, leak-proof design, reduced energy costs, and a clean, smooth appearance. All of our models feature standard welded construction, a wide variety of glazings, and exceptional quality in manufacturing.

Curb Mount - Fixed Curb mounts are ideal for replacing defective or worn out curb-mounted skylights. Just remove the existing skylight, repair or replace the weather stripping, and install.

Curb Mount - Vented The perfect replacement for “Philadelphia Skylights.” Removable screen and full opening top are standard.

Self-Flashing Skylights - Fixed and Vented These units are designed for flat or pitched roof applications. Quick and easy to install, they are available in fixed or vented styles as well as optional insulated curbs.

Other models and options are available: tandem, ridge lights, rounds, half-rounds, barrel vaults, etc. Call for quotes.Variety of options: thermally broken extrusions, acrylic, polycarbonate, glass, shapes, and custom paint.

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