Nailable Base-3

Rmax Nailable Base-3 is an energy-efficient insulation board composed of a closed-cell Polyiso foam bonded to a nailing panel on the top surface and a glass fiber/organic mat facer on the bottom surface.  This insulation is suitable for use in insulated roof system constructions utilizing concrete, slate or clay roof tiles.  It may also be used with wood shakes and metal panel roof systems.  In some cases, Nailable Base-3 can be used with asphalt shingles.  Consult shingle manufacturer for warranty and application methods over Nailable Base-3.  This product is approved for use in new roof constructions over steel, wood, non-combustible and certain types of nailable roof decks.  The standard nailing surface of Nailable Base-3 is 7/16” OSB (APA rated).  However, alternate nailing surfaces, such as 5/8” OSB or CDX plywood, are available upon request.   To help achieve additional LEED credits, the wood components in this product can be ordered to comply with Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Chain of Custody requirements.

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