Multi-Vent Nailable Base-3

Rmax Multi-Vent Nailable Base-3 is an energy-efficient composite panel with an insulation board, vent blocks and an OSB nailing surface.  The insulation portion of this product is Rmax’s closed-cell Polyiso foam with glass fiber/organic mat facers on both sides.  The standard configuration is a 7/16” OSB (APA rated) nailing surface with 1” thick wood vent blocks for venting.  This configuration provides the following ventilation specifications:  Minimum of 92% free air movement, 50% open space for lateral ventilation, over 10 square inches of net free area per lineal foot and blocks spaced less than 12” apart in either direction.  Alternate nailing surfaces and vent block thicknesses are available upon request.   This insulation is superior for use in residential or commercial steep slope roof applications where a vented assembly is desired. Multi-Vented Nailable Base-3 is applied to the roof structure in order to provide a layer of thermal insulation and a suitable substrate for the application of a variety of shingles available in today’s market.  To help achieve additional LEED credits, the wood components in this product can be ordered to comply with Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Chain of Custody requirements.

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