Pleasing to the eyes, the budget and an architectural statement of simplicity, EVO™ is available in contemporary colours and shapes. EVO™ Wood, EVO™ Stone, and EVO™ Exotic are designed to replace the look of alternate product lines such as: wood grain, cementitious, and other metal panel types. Using various finishes and patterns within our proprietary extrusion system, we are able to produce architectural options to match the appearance you demand.

The EVO Panel System is a continuous expression wall panel that lays across a building face without visible interference. Benchmark Fabricators Inc. is a licensed EVO™ manufacturer.

  • Fully Tested
  • Dry Joint System—pressure equalized rain screen
  • Rivetless Panel System
  • 10, 20 and 30 year paint finish warranty available
  • PE and FR core available
  • Only available in 4mm thickness
  • EVO Max (Fire Rated Assembly)
  • EVO Stone
  • EVO Wood
  • EVO Exotic
  • EVO Pure

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