ECOMAXci™ Wall Solution

The Rmax Solution for commercial exterior walls includes:  ECOMAXci thermal insulation board, along with Rmax branded tape and flashing and your choice of fiberglass, stone/mineral wool or no cavity fill.  Together, these elements have been tested to meet fire performance, air infiltration and moisture resistance standards for a more effective, efficient building envelope design.  ECOMAXci is an energy-efficient thermal insulation board composed of an environmentally sound closed-cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam core bonded to glass fiber reinforced aluminum foil facers on both sides.  This insulation has been tested in multiple NFPA 285 assemblies and is approved for use in exterior walls of buildings of any height.  ECOMAXci allows for optimum efficiency through multiple design options, ease of construction, a better building envelope and reduced energy usage.  Providing a direct impact on the savings throughout the life of the building, ECOMAXci is an excellent choice for exterior commercial wall design.

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