Continuous Insulation for Exterior Walls

Rmax ECOBASEci is an energy-efficient thermal insulation board composed of a closed-cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam insulation with inorganic, polymer coated glass fiber mat facers bonded to 5/8″ or 3/4″ fire retardant treated plywood (FRTP).  This insulation has been tested for multiple NFPA 285 assemblies and is approved for use in exterior walls of buildings of any height.  ECOBASEci allows for optimum efficiency through multiple design options, ease of construction, a better building envelope and reduced energy usage.  Providing a direct impact on the savings throughout the life of the building, ECOBASEci is an excellent choice for exterior commercial wall design.

Rmax ECOBASEci is applied to wood or metal framing with the wood to the exterior in order to provide a continuous layer of thermal insulation and a suitable substrate for the mechanical attachment of many different kinds of cladding systems available in the market today. ECOBASEci is engineered to allow for normal foot expansion of the plywood without gapping the insulation layer. While the composite panel and polyiso layer are a nominal 4′ x 8′, the plywood is slightly under a true 4′ x 8′. When manufactured, the plywood is bonded to the polyiso layer leaving a 1/16″ to 1/8″ overhang on two adjacent edges. This energy-efficient thermal insulation board offers a thinner profile, while meeting R-value requirements – reducing energy and labor costs.