Armatherm™ 500 Structural Thermal Break Material

Armatherm™ 500 (Thermal Insulation Material - TIM)

Reducing heat flow within a building’s thermal envelope reduces energy consumption as well as potential condensation issues. Armatherm™ 500 thermal break material (TIM) significantly reduces energy lost from thermal bridging in building envelope connections.

Armatherm™ 500 structural thermal break material is a high strength, thermoset polyurethane manufactured in several densities. Armatherm™ 500 is able to transfer a wide range of structural loads with a range from 20 psi – 4000 psi. This wide load range enables designs to keep deflection and creep at a minimum in thermal break connections.

Armatherm™ 500 has R values as high as 3.8 per inch which is superior to the properties of aerated concrete and wood blocking.