Unity Surfacing Systems

Architectural & Ballast Rubber Roof Pavers

Our architectural and ballast pavers are made from 100% recycled tires and rubber, a requirement by many architects, designers, engineers, municipalities, building owners and property managers who are looking to “go green” by helping earn SS credits and achieve LEED points. When seeking form and function as well as visual appeal, our unique rooftop paver products come in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses to complement any office, deck, patio, plaza, rooftop, apartment, hotel or buildings sustainable green roof and/or terrace by offering you the ability to increase your usable square footage while extending the life of your waterproofing membrane.

Our products are engineered and manufactured using the best and safest materials available through our sister company which recycles tires and rubber in-house, that is how you will know it is the right solution for you. We have developed and patented a superiorresilient product made from environmentally friendly recycled (pre and post-consumer waste) tires and rubber that is clean and safe to use in almost any environment. Our ingenious self-interlocking design with the new “Button-Lock™ Technology” coupled with our unique “Drain-Port System” gives us an unparalleled advantage over competing products in the industry.

Unity has created an impressive way to turn unsightly rooftops into usable spaces that are appealing, while at the same time providing thermal and mechanical protection. Our system will benefit you and the environment by reducing building energy consumption, extending the life of your waterproofing membrane, reduce storm water runoff AND increase the resale value of your property. The performance, long term value, color diversity and economical benefit of our products has appealed to architects, engineers, designers building owners and managers when renovation and/or retrofit such rooftop projects that plays an integral part in promoting healthier and cleaner environment by “going green”.

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