Benchmark Fabricators

BenchmarkBenchmark Fabricators Inc. provides custom manufacturing and design services for exterior and interior architectural facades in Canada and the Northeastern United States. Our advanced CNC facility can customize metal, composites and wood to suit your design specifications. We specialize in Aluminum Panel (AL). Aluminum Composite Panel (ACM), and Metal Composite Material Panel (MCM) cladding and rainscreen systems. Our wall panel systems are fully tested and come in a variety of color options. We ship anywhere in the Northeast and Eastern Canada.

Benchmark Fabricators Inc is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada in a newly constructed state of the art facility. Moncton is Atlantic Canada's logistics hub and is within 800 miles of major metropolitan centres such as New York, Boston, Toronto and Montreal. Benchmark provides custom cladding solutions and shipping to clients across the entire region.

With emphasis on design and innovation, Benchmark is capable of fabricating everything from facades to millwork. Their working method integrates seamlessly with CNC cutting and forming operations used in a majority of their projects. Through their technical knowledge, skilled craftspeople and designers, Benchmark works closely with clients to help realize every project’s full potential.

Aluminum Composite Panel Systems/ACM - ACM Series panels allow for larger surface area coverage than aluminum panels and can be lightweight. ACM panels offer excellent weather resistance and have a very long lifespan.

Evo Panel System - a continuous expression wall panel that lies across a building face without visible interference.

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