From Manufacturer to Marketplace

Division 7 Products for New England and New York
Focused Sales Associates is a manufacturer’s “rep” firm specializing in Division 7 products in the New England States (Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine) as well as eastern New York State (Albany/Syracuse). We work with architects, consultants, and owners to assure the manufacturer the proper position in the specification process. We balance that with a strong presence at the distributor and contractor level. We understand the value of experience and business relationships. We are “features & benefits” proponent and believe that price, while important, does not ultimately determine the sales success of a building materials manufacturer.


Innovative Insulation Solutions
Environmentally sound, energy efficient polyiso wall insulation for applications ranging from residential homes to commercial, industrial and agricultural structures.
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maximum R-values, energy savings
Our polyiso insulation is available coast-to-coast, meeting roof applications in commercial, residential, and industrial construction, with an emphasis on installation efficiency.
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SLATOR roof bracket


Common Issues, Creative Solutions
State-of-the-art commercial and residential Starlight Skylights; SofTILE terrace and green roof pavers; SLATOR rood brackets, and more.
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Rmax ThermaBase-CI

An energy-efficient thermal insulation board composed of a closed-cell polyisocyanurate (polyiso) foam insulation layer bonded to a nailing surface.

Milcor hatch cover

Milcor Hatch Covers

Milcor roof hatch covers open to 90 degrees. Operation is assisted by enclosed torsion bar or torsion coil spring operators. Automatic hold-open arms keep doors securely open.


SLATOR roof safety

The SLATOR (Secure Ladder and Tie Off Responsibly) roof ladder safety system is an important product for your steep-slope roofing customers.


SofTILE Roof Pavers

The SofTILE Terrace and Green Roof Paver adds a new dimension to the rooftop by creating viable recreation space with colors that can be mixed and matched.